Latinos & The Retirement Crisis of the Young/Old

Many have heard of this amazing story, Joel Cervantes Macias took a picture of this 89 year old “elderly man struggling to push his paleta cart.” Then Macias posted his picture on Facebook, & started a GoFundMe account, which has already raised more than $320,000 in retirement money for Don Fidencio Sánchez, the elder popsicle vendor.

However, there is an even bigger issue underneath the surface, particularly geared towards Latinos. I know many of us, myself included, are part of the “Mijo/Mija” retirement plan. Also known as, “Our parents are relying on us to take care of them in their later years” retirement plan. Unfortunately, no one is teaching our people that there are ways to accomplish this without working until their bodies give out. This knowledge is so VITAL!

“‘We want people to work until they’re 89, but only if they enjoy it,” said Morrissey, the economist at the Economic Policy Institute.
“We want it to be a choice and not a decision born out of desperation.'”

The Writing is on the Wall,
I’m Just the Messenger.
Who’s helping you and your parents plan ahead?

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