If you thought what you were doing was right, but later found out it was wrong, when would you want to know?

“So far this year, U.S. wage inflation has averaged about 2.1%. So it would be reasonable to assume that in due course general inflation will be at least that, if not more. That means your 10-year Treasury will actually leave you poorer, in real terms. This, of course, is assuming that inflation does not gather speed — which it has usually done in the past. If inflation runs above 2.1% a year, someone buying a bond paying just 1.6% will get hosed.”


Your money growing by 1.6% MINUS inflation increasing 2.1% EQUALS money in this vehicle is losing 0.5% every year for 10 years.

Are you outpacing inflation & making your money grow for you?

Or are you saving your hard earned money in a savings account or CD giving you nonexistent interest rates and losing money every year?

You have options. Do you know what they are?

Read Marketwatch.com’s article for more info

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